Does Camphor Kill Mosquitoes ?

By Akash Naik
September 04, 2021

Nowadays, every home has a mosquito repellent spray or machines, but those can be pretty bad for your health. Commercial mosquito repellents contain harmful chemicals, like pyrethrin and diethyl tolbutamide (DEET), which can cause breathing problems, dizziness, nausea, skin infections, etc. So, what’s the safer alternative? Pure camphor, and here’s how.

Does Camphor Kill Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes use their heightened sense of smell to hunt for blood, and they smell the carbon dioxide and other chemicals that our bodies regularly produce to find us. However, camphor’s pungent smell overwhelms and confuses them, stopping them from finding our skin and biting us. In fact, it is so effective that simply putting the tablets around the house is enough to overwhelm the mosquitoes.

How To Use Camphor to Repel Mosquitoes?

When using camphor to repel mosquitoes, the first thing to remember is that pure camphor is far more effective than adulterated camphor. Then, there are three ways to use camphor to repel mosquitoes, as listed below:

  • Drop two tablets of camphor in a bowl of water and place it in a corner where kids or pets can’t get to it.
  • Place a few tablets on a device that’s always heated; the tablets will melt, and the smell will fill the room in a few minutes.
  • Light a camphor tablet in the middle of the room and leave the room for an hour with all the doors and windows shut.

Is Camphor Safe to Use?

In India, camphor is being used for all kinds of rituals, poojas, and other home remedies; surely it must be safe, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Pure camphor is quite safe to use, but adulterated camphor can be bad for your health. We recommend you always choose natural camphor over synthetic.

However, despite being safe, camphor can be dangerous if used the wrong way. For instance, it is a highly flammable substance and catches fire easily; always be careful where and how you place the camphor. Also, never put camphor tablets in a microwave oven to melt them; they will explode and lead to bigger problems.

There is a reason why camphor is used across the country for centuries for so many reasons—it is simply magical! It can repel mosquitoes, cure cold and cough, heal second-degree burns, act as a disinfectant, purify the space, and a lot more! So, why not use the best camphor to improve your life? Use House of Mangalam’s  camphor, which is 100% natural and authentic. Order now!