Tips to Keep Your Puja Room Clean

By Akash Naik
October 28, 2021

The puja room is the heart and soul of any house. It is believed in Hindu tradition that if you don’t keep your puja room clean, then Goddess Laxmi won’t enter your house. As the saying goes, cleanliness is equal to godliness. This also has a metaphorical meaning - when you keep your house and puja room clean, polish your puja utensils, and fill your house with the camphor fragrance, it feels like you are in heaven. As camphor purifies your house and soul, God resides where the mind, soul and space are pure. Here are some tips to keep your puja room clean so that you always have a divine presence around you.

How to clean brassware

The idols and statuettes in the puja room are generally made of brass material, which can get dull with time. Here is what you can do:

  1. Soak all brass items in hot water
  2. Scrub them with a metal scrubber and dish wash soap
  3. Soak them in tamarind water
  4. Scrub the brass items again
  5. Rinse them in warm water

Follow this process and all your idols and brass items will look brand new.    

How to clean silverware

Silver plates and items are generally seen in any puja house because they are comparatively more durable and elevate the puja thali’s appearance. With time, silver can turn dark. You can follow these steps to keep the shine of silver items intact:

  1. Make a paste of vibhuti and apply it on the silver surface
  2. Scrub it with your bare hands
  3. Use a thin cloth to wipe off the vibhuti paste

Your silver will be shiny and ready to use again.  

How to purify the atmosphere

Cleaning brass and silver items are not enough; your atmosphere needs to be purified. But how? You can burn camphor. Its strong fragrance will purify the atmosphere, plus it holds significance in Hindu tradition. It is believed that camphor is God’s favourite. In fact, it has one entire devotional song dedicated to it. Plus, it is used for therapy and has immense medicinal benefits. Along with cleaning the atmosphere, it will also clean your mind, and its smell will take you on a spiritual journey. mangalam organics has camphor for puja, aromatherapy, and other needs.

How to clean puja clothes

The clothes you use to clad idols are sacred and sensitive. Therefore, you have to wash and handle them with care. If the cloth is made of cotton material, ensure that it is washed separately or with the same coloured cloth, and if the cloth is made of silk material, it needs to be dry cleaned. The clothes with embroidery work must be replaced with time as dry cleaning or washing them is not an option.

You need the best products when cleaning your puja room. mangalam organics offers all kinds of camphor that not only purify your house but also impart enormous medicinal and spiritual benefits. You get all of this at reasonable prices. So place an order now!