What is Bhimseni Camphor? How Is It Different From Camphor Tablets?

By Akash Naik
October 28, 2021

What is Bhimseni Camphor?

Bhimseni camphor is known by many names, so you might already know it by various other names by pacha kapoor, nagi karpura, patri kapoor, and desi kapoor. But if you didn’t know, bhimseni kapoor is organic, crystalline camphor that’s sourced from pine trees.

Here are some of the differences that set it apart from regular camphor tablets:

Bhimseni Camphor is Used in Diffusers

One of the most common uses of bhimseni camphor is that it is used in diffusers or kapur daani for fragrance purposes, whereas tablets are burnt during pujas. So, as per the ayurvedic and religious texts, it is recommended to use bhimseni camphor in diffusers to drive away the negative energies and purify the air within your home.

Bhimseni Camphor is Safer on the Skin

Camphor is often used as a common home remedy for skin problems like acne, mild burns, skin irritation, etc. However, regular camphor can cause various skin problems as the skin absorbs the toxic synthetic camphor. On the other hand, bhimseni camphor is quite safe as it is organic. There is a reason why our ancestors used bhimseni camphor to cure skin problems and detoxify the skin.

They Both Look Different

Difference between the two is that bhimseni camphor often does not have a specific shape, whereas all camphor tablets look the same. Bhimseni camphor comes in the form of crystal or glass pieces in an uneven shape whereas camphor tablets come in circular shape .

Bhimseni camphor is what’s recommended in our ancient ayurvedic texts and religious texts, but you may think sourcing bhimseni camphor may be difficult or expensive. But it is not the case. House of Mangalam  offers naturally sourced bhimseni camphor that is 100% organic and completely safe to use. Order yours now.