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Camphor is a white crystalline powder with a characteristic aromatic odor.


Camphor is utilized in a variety of spiritual ceremonies and medical products. It's a stabilizer and moderator used in the production of cellulose nitrate, polyvinyl chloride, and polymers, as well as a component in smokeless powder.


4 Years


● Avoid all possible sources of ignition.

● Store at room temperature.

● Keep Container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use.


Packed in 30/25 kg HDPE woven bag with LDPE liner.


Sr.No Characteristic Specifications
1 Description White Crystals/Granules/Flakesy
2 Odour Pungent and Aromatic Odor
3 Structural Formula
4 Chemical Name Camphor
5 Molecular Formula . C10H16O
6 Molecular Weight. 152.23 g/mol
7 Solubility Soluble in Alcohol, Solvent Ether, Chloroform, pet hydrocarbon, light petroleum. Freely soluble in fatty oils, Form colloidal suspension with water
8 Water. 10 % w/v solution in light petroleum ether is clear
9 Melting Range IP/EP/USP Grade Technical Grade
174 - 179°C 165 - 172°C
10 Non-Volatile Matter NMT 0.05% NMT 0.01%
11 Total Ketones Matter NLT 96.0% NLT 90.0%
i) Camphor NLT 96.0% NLT 90.0%
Iso Fennchone - NMT 3.00%